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Andelo designs various content marketing works for AZO network

AZO Network is a marketing science company that constantly seeks design assistance to create various content marketing designs, specifically for the science industry. The topics can be highly niche, requiring experienced and passionate designers with a deep understanding of the science industry.

3 years
dedicated designers

The Challenges

Creating content marketing for niche products presents challenges for designers because they must thoroughly understand the context. Some products even require us to invest time in studying and reading their product documentation before we can create the marketing design pieces. Some projects, such as explainer videos, challenge us to be highly creative in order to develop visual designs that help their target audience understand the product or service.

The Outcome

The results for AZO Network have been fantastic, leading to an increase in work from their clients. We believe this success stems from creating visually compelling designs, which has been a critical factor in their achievements. We have managed to deliver various types of work for clients in the science sector, with a primary focus on ebook designs and explainer videos used as marketing tools.

Despite the often tight timeframes required by AZO Network, especially for ebooks containing hundreds of pages, we have successfully delivered projects while maintaining premium custom quality. We assign a team of designers who work collaboratively, led by a lead designer responsible for ensuring quality and consistency. This type of design request often necessitates a team effort and cannot be accomplished by individual designers alone.

Having partnered with AZO Network for over 6 years since 2024, we look forward to continuing this partnership for many more years to come. If you are a marketing agency specialising in a specific industry like AZO Network, Andelo would love to partner with you.

"Love Andelo's new CaaS (creative as a service)! There are 3 plans to choose from so it's perfect for startups or larger companies that don't have a FT designer. The project management is simple and we can drip feed design tasks to them that we want prioritised while putting bigger ideas in the backlog. 10/10 I would definitely recommend giving Andelo a go!"

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