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How Andelo saves Refilled hours in creative asset production

Refilled is a startup that creates delicious, healthy drinks while also aiming to reduce plastic usage. They are seeking a designer with multidisciplinary skills to create various marketing and sales assets. Fast-paced delivery and high-quality designs within their budget are essential.

Assets Created
Dedicated Deisgners

The Challenges

The Refilled team finds it challenging to find a designer who can consistently produce high-quality designs across a variety of projects. Additionally, the upkeep costs associated with hiring and retaining a designer contribute to lower ROI for their creative output. They are seeking a solution that offers a lower cost per asset. This is where Andelo's subscription model fits perfectly with all their requirements.

The Outcome

The journey with Refilled begins as the Andelo team initiates an onboarding process, delving into their visual preferences, brand identity, and target audience. We then present numerous design options, ensuring alignment with their desires before scaling up the workload.

Refilled requires a wide range of diverse designs. With Andelo's subscription service offering 80+ design services, we assist them in completing various designs, including printed posters, icons, custom illustrations, email newsletter designs, social media static designs, animated reels, and more. All of this is accomplished promptly within 1-2 days.

Understanding the necessity of consistent, high-quality output, the Andelo team assigns a lead designer to oversee the work of the designated designers for each task, along with a Project Manager who fully manages the team's schedule and maintains close communication with the Refilled team. This enables them to have peace of mind, as they no longer need to concern themselves with design management, quality assurance, or talent allocation, allowing them to focus on their core activities. Are you a startup with an established marketing team in constant need of design work? With Andelo's subscription service, we can efficiently fulfil your design needs, providing high-quality, fast, cost-effective, and scalable solutions.

"Love Andelo's new CaaS (creative as a service)! There are 3 plans to choose from so it's perfect for startups or larger companies that don't have a FT designer. The project management is simple and we can drip feed design tasks to them that we want prioritised while putting bigger ideas in the backlog. 10/10 I would definitely recommend giving Andelo a go!"

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