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We deliver hundreds of custom infographic designs for Kaizen Search

Kaizen is actively searching for ways to create various infographics for the SEO campaigns they conduct for many of their clients. Infographics are a compelling way to present information that engages people with the content.

3 years
Dedicated Designers

The Challenges

Creating infographics requires more than just design skills; designers also need the ability to simplify information into easily understandable visuals. Kaizen seeks designers who possess both creative skills and the knowledge to create captivating data visuals for their clients.

The Outcome

Andelo offers custom premium illustration services for infographics, assigning between 3-5 designers to work with Team Kaizen, depending on their monthly workload. Working with Andelo provides flexible pricing that can be easily adjusted to match their monthly design needs. They needn't worry about overhead costs, especially during low seasons, or about hiring extra freelancers during peak seasons because we are always available for them.

They enjoy working with us because of our extensive ability to create illustrations that match the context of various industry types and our consistent ability to deliver jobs within 1-2 days with premium quality.

"Love Andelo's new CaaS (creative as a service)! There are 3 plans to choose from so it's perfect for startups or larger companies that don't have a FT designer. The project management is simple and we can drip feed design tasks to them that we want prioritised while putting bigger ideas in the backlog. 10/10 I would definitely recommend giving Andelo a go!"

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