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How Mask Co’s marketing team uses Andelo to create their campaign assets

Mask Co is an established ‘Aussie Made’ fragrance company that primarily sells its products through an online shop. Consequently, they require a variety of designs for their online campaigns that maintain consistent quality, cohesion, and quick turnaround times to engage their audience effectively.

Designs Created
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The Challenges

Mask Co has long struggled to find designers with diverse talents capable of fulfilling various design requests for their website and marketing campaigns. Despite working with numerous freelancers in the past, many proved to be unreliable and inconsistent in speed and quality. Maintaining design consistency across their brand became increasingly challenging as their business expanded. Consequently, their brand lacked a solid visual identity, as each designer brought their own style to the designs.

The Outcome

They signed up with Andelo, seeking a one-stop solution for all their design needs. We began with a personalised onboarding conference call to understand their brand, target audience, and the challenges they wanted to overcome. Additionally, we conducted a quick discovery session to grasp their visual preferences.

These onboarding steps are crucial for us to align their brand identity with visual design, ensuring that the designs we deliver not only look good but also effectively represent their brand and captivate their target audience.

We assigned a project coordinator and lead designer to work closely with the Mask Co team, delegating tasks to design experts based on specific requirements. Generally, we fulfil their design requests within 1-2 days. They asked for various works such as email designs, social media posts and ads, both static and animated assets.

According to their feedback, they appreciate how our dedicated team not only completes the tasks but also shares creative ideas to enhance the overall Mask Co brand.

At Andelo, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality designs quickly and at scale, without compromising quality, quantity, or speed.

"Love Andelo's new CaaS (creative as a service)! There are 3 plans to choose from so it's perfect for startups or larger companies that don't have a FT designer. The project management is simple and we can drip feed design tasks to them that we want prioritised while putting bigger ideas in the backlog. 10/10 I would definitely recommend giving Andelo a go!"

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