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We transform your ebooks and reports into captivating visual designs that enhance the credibility of your brand and content, while keeping readers engaged.

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Over 10,000 designs for thousands of brands

Create visually engaging eBooks with a better rate

At Andelo, we offer cost-effective solutions that maintain the high-quality design standards you expect for your ebooks and reports. Our lightning-fast delivery ensures you promptly receive professionally designed materials, resulting in visually engaging ebooks that captivate readers and simplify information comprehension.

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We’ve recently started outsourcing our graphic design artwork Andelo and we are very happy with this decision. The team is super responsive, delivers in a timely manner and the designs are awesome. I love that they bring in their own ideas and suggestions and giving me design options to choose from. I also appreciate the quick turnaround times and their reliability. Highly recommend!

Benefits of Design Subscriptions
Lower Cost

Fixed monthly rate

Pay flat rate plan every month with the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.

Faster Speed

Fast delivery

Submit as many design requests as you'd like and get your design in 1-2 days.

Faster Speed

Dedicated team

Fully manage by our project coordinator, ensuring consistent high quality design.


Design at scale

With our pool of expertise, we can add more designers easily, allowing you grow at scale.

eBook and Report Design Services

eBook design

Unique eBook designs that showcase your brand and captivate your readers with engaging content.

Annual report design

Unique eBook designs that showcase your brand and captivate your readers with engaging content.

Brand guide book

Create original digital guides and learning content based on new or existing material.

ebook and report Design Sample Works
Andelo eBook and report Sample 1
Andelo eBook and report Sample 2
Andelo eBook and report Sample 3
Andelo eBook and report Sample 4

How to get started? Simple process, repeat and rinse.

What you get with every plan

Unlimited Requests

Submit as many design task as you want. Unlimited revisions too!

Top Quality Designs

We strive for excellence, which is why we only hire top 3% designers.

Fast Turnaround

Get design delivered within 1-2 days. Same day for simple tasks.

Project Coordinators

Dedicated to manage all tasks to be delivered on time and on-brand.

Money-back guarantee

For a first time customers, ensuring your 100% satisfaction.

Unlimited Brands

We accept design work from multiple brands under a single plan.

Team collaboration

No extra cost for bringing more collaborators to manage tasks.

Premium stock assets

Elevate your design with our curated premium stock assets!

Source files

You own your files, we will provide working files for every task.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I receive my designs?

We can typically deliver work within 1-2 days on average. Quick tasks or revisions can often be completed on the same day, while more complex tasks may require additional time.

How long does it take to get set up?

After subscribing to one of our plans, you'll have just one onboarding call to do all the setup. Then, you can start submitting design requests as many as you'd like, and we'll promptly begin working on them. During the onboarding call, we'll introduce you to our team, understand your brand, and explain our workflow.

Is Andelo's service suitable for agencies?

Yes, absolutely. We typically assist with the design aspect of their services or work as an extension of their primary services. This is beneficial because agencies can focus on their core services. To date, we have collaborated with numerous creative, digital, and content agencies to produce a vast amount of creative output.

Which Andelo subscription is right for my business?

The Essential subscription is suitable for your daily design needs, making it ideal for startups and small businesses that require a small amount of general graphic design every month.

The Premium subscription is best for businesses that have already established their digital presence and need assistance with more regular digital creative needs, updates, and advertisements. This subscription includes Web & UI design capacity, and our team has experience in UX and digital creative strategic solutions.

The Pro subscription is designed for established businesses or marketers who require various types of design work, including animated graphics that are more compelling than static visual assets. We also involve web developers with knowledge of Webflow/WordPress to help you expand your marketing website.

Contact us to connect with one of our account managers. We are eager to learn more about your business and find the right subscription for you.

Why Andelo better than hire a full time designer?

Hiring a full-time designer is generally more expensive due to hiring and overhead costs. Junior-level designers require a lot of guidance, while senior-level designers can be expensive. Additionally, individual designers may specialise in only a few specific design categories.

With an Andelo subscription, you can eliminate these bottlenecks. You'll have experienced designers capable of handling all types of design needs at a much lower cost per asset.

How does the 'unlimited design request' work?

You can send as many requests as you want. We will assign enough designers to accommodate them, ensuring consistent delivery of all designs within 1-2 days.

What is ebook design?

eBook design is the art of creating visually appealing and engaging electronic books that are typically in digital format, such as PDF or ePub. It involves layout design, typography, cover art, and the incorporation of images and graphics to make the content visually appealing and easy to read on various devices.

What is Report Design?

Report design refers to the process of crafting well-structured and visually attractive reports or documents. It includes formatting, layout, data visualization, and the use of infographics to present information clearly and effectively. Reports can vary from business reports to research findings and annual reports.

Why Do Marketers Need eBook Design?

Marketers need eBook design to create compelling and informative digital resources for their audience. eBooks serve as valuable content marketing assets, offering in-depth information, guides, or solutions related to a particular topic or industry. Well-designed eBooks can capture the audience's attention, establish authority, and generate leads for businesses.

What Makes eBooks a Popular Form of Content?

eBooks are a popular form of content for several reasons. They are highly accessible and can be easily distributed digitally, making them convenient for readers. eBooks also allow for interactive elements, such as clickable links and multimedia, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, they provide a platform for in-depth exploration of topics, making them ideal for educational and informative purposes.

Which plan includes ebook design?

Ebook design is included in all of our subscription plans: Essentials, Premium, and Pro

Why is Andelo's ebook design service better than others?

With Andelo, you'll have a dedicated team consisting of a project manager, lead designer, and multiple designers who will produce high-quality ebook designs on-time and on-brand. If your ebook is over a hundred pages, we can assign multiple designers to work simultaneously on the design, ensuring a fast turnaround. Our solution frees up your time from managing production so you can focus more on a strategic level.

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